Landscape Astrophotography Ausangate Trek 6D/5N

A Brief Description

6 Days 5 Nights

Our Landscape Astrophotography Ausangate Trek 6D/5N Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey through the breathtaking landscapes of the Ausangate region in Peru, where awe-inspiring mountain ranges, pristine glacial lakes, and a sky adorned with celestial wonders await you. This 6-day and 5-night Ausangate Trek combines the allure of stunning landscapes with the magic of astrophotography, creating an unforgettable expedition for adventurers and photography enthusiasts alike Adventure: Highlight the thrilling and exciting experience of trekking through the stunning Ausangate landscape. Astrophotography: Emphasize the opportunity to capture breathtaking night sky scenes and celestial phenomena.Sustainability: We Promote responsible tourism practices and eco-friendly initiatives to preserve the natural beauty of the region. Our Expert-guided: Assure customers of knowledgeable guides who can enhance their astrophotography skills and provide a safe trekking experience. Exclusivity: Emphasize limited group sizes to offer an exclusive and personalized journey for participants.

Group Size

1 – 8 Guests

Experience | Difficulty

  • Beginner, amateur, enthusiast and semi-pro photographers
  • DSLR, mirrorless, compact or iPhone cameras
  • Moderate schedule
  • Travel by car or minibus
  • Moderate elevation changes and lots of walking and hiking (none of our adventures have difficult hikes)
  • (non-photographers also welcome)

Weather | Sun

May – Temps 70/40 F 20/2 C Sunrise 5:24 | Sunset 7:23 (19:23)
September – Temps 75/42 F 24/5 C Sunrise 6:10 | Sunset 6:35 (18:35)


  • 6 Days
  • Travel, landscape, nature, wildlife, and people photography
  • Professional photographer | guide
  • Photo walks & discussions
  • Small group size (1-8 guests)
  • Camping
  • Breakfasts
  • All Meals
  • National Park Permits
  • Local transportation

Travel Information

Arrival Airport: Cusco – Transfer time to hotel 30min
Departure Airport: Cusco – Transfer time to hotel 30min
Our adventure begins in the morning on the first day and ends at end of  the last day.
Travel Visa:NOT  required .


  • 1 person : US$1750.00 per person
  • 2 people :  US$1300.00 per person
  • 3 people:   US$1250.00 per person
  • 4 people :   US$1200.00 per person
  • 5 people :   US$1150.00 per person
  • 6 people :   US$1100.00 per person
  • 7+ people : US$1050.00 per person

ITINERARY Ausangate Trek Perú

We depart from Plaza Regocijo in our private bus at 5am to the
southeast of Cuzco. Half an hour later, we stop in Oropeza to buy his
famous bread. Then we continue in the direction of Urcos, our next stop
the town of Tinke, we will have our first view of the Apu Ausangate.
After a short stop, we continue our journey towards Pacchanta (4200
m.a.s.l.), arriving at approximately 8:30 am. Our transportation
will leave here where we will have breakfast
We start our walk. This first stage of the trip is stunning
because we get a front view of the Apu Ausangate. We can see a
large number of vizcachas in this area that live freely and without fear of
humans. These fluffy animals cannot be hunted for their wool or
meat, since they are considered daughters of the Apu. We will walk around three
hours on average until we reach the area of ​​the blue lagoon, where we will
a spiritual ceremony, a cleaning and offering to the Pachamama and the Apu
This ceremony has several parts and all the members of the group participate in it.
group, including muleteers, cooks, and passengers. This crucial ceremony
performs so that everything goes well during our trip. After lunch
We will rest in our first Azulqocha camp.

We will get up very early for the very spectacular sunrise.
Especially the reflection of the mountain in the blue lagoon to this beautiful
moment – you will be accompanied by a cup of coffee or coca tea and then return to the
shop to have a good breakfast before starting the climb to
Otorongo qocha and the other lagoons because in the upper part we have 6 lagoons
with whom we will live this day, we will do the scouting of the area for the afternoon.

After a restorative breakfast, we return to Alzulqocha to cross the
northern part of the snowy Ausangate towards upis during the journey we will have beautiful views of the snowy Ausangate before going down to the camp of
Once we arrive we will explore around to be ready for sunset.
the sun, the Milky Way during the night and the sunrise the next morning.

After a generous breakfast we will begin the ascent towards the pass of
arapa during the journey we will have opportunities to see many Vizcachas, perhaps
some foxes, some Andean geese, maybe some hummingbirds, and vicuñas and
surely many alpacas and llamas, once we reach the pass, we will do our
offering to the step of arapa so that it gives us good weather and protects us. From there the
next section of the road will be very different, arid medium and with some colors
spectacular, on the way we can see some lagoons and the reflection of
many mountains and peaks in the lagoons it is in this area where we will have lunch
to then continue towards pucaqocha the place where we will rest this

After breakfast we will depart towards Anantapata during this section of the way we will have the Apu Ausangate in the southern part where you will have the first views of very spectacular colors where you can see a color red and ocher Once we reach the pass you will be able to observe the magical landscape that we will be able to have a beautiful view of the Andes. From there we will go to Anaptapata where A hot and restorative lunch awaits us and then we start to climb the Warmisaya pass from where we can already see our final goal, the mountain of colors, but first we must reach our next camp huampoqocha. We will rest next to a lagoon and it will be our last night to photograph the stars and the Milky Way then we will prepare as it should be both for the sunset the blue hour and the night because by the very early tomorrow, we will go to the mountain of colors for the sunrise and also to be the first to arrive at the place so that they have enough Time to photograph this wonder of nature.

This morning we will get up very early to reach the mountain of colors for sunrise so we’ll just have a cup of coffee to start the road to vinicunca. Once finished with the visit to the mountain we will have breakfast because after After lunch we will go to the red valley which is an area of ​​another planet for its beautiful colors. We will have the final lunch in this area to then return to the city of Cusco. You will arrive in the city of Cusco at approximately 7 p.m.

Landscape Astrophotography Ausangate Trek 6d/5n



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