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Soaring glacier peaks scrape the sky to the left. A valley plummets to the right. Front and center is a mound of earth striped with intense turquoise, rust red and golden yellow. The colors flow like a wave so perfectly that you would believe they were painted by the gods. The only way to get to this secret corner of the earth is the Ausangate Trek. This trail is for those who are looking to explore the Andes in the puna areas – exploring the majesty of the Andes and learning about the traditions of the Andean people. The area is inhabited by traditional Inca animals such as large herds of llamas, alpacas and this is the only area in Cusco region to see the Inkan indigenous habitat of the VICUÑA (which has most expensive wool in the world!) Besides seeing these most impressive views of the glacier peaks and blue lakes, you will enjoy the hike of llamas in the Vilcanota Mountain Range. You will also be amongst the first to enjoy the newly discovered and now famous Rainbow Mountain
Without a doubt, one of the best treks in Peru especially for photography. We will observe beautiful and varied Andean landscapes, snow-capped mountains, colorful lakes and stone forests. We will have the opportunity to discover the mystique and spirituality of the Quechuas, native herders of llamas and alpacas that live in this isolated region of the Vilcanota mountain range. With a bit of luck, we will observe the mighty Andean condor in flight, as well as foxes, vizcachas and vicuñas, relatives of fine wool llamas mostly extinct elsewhere in the Andes.
All this natural beauty will be at our disposal during this photographic walk of landscape and Stars.

Day 1.- Cusco Tinki pacchanta:-

After three hours by bus, we will arrive at Tinki and start hiking or horseback riding to Pacchanta native community. Through the way, the silence and sound of the wind will let us discover the landscape, and the local fauna and flora, and we’ll see herds of alpacas beyond the glaciers.(L/D)
Day 2.- Pacchanta -qampa.
After passing through the small community of Q’ampa we will head North west to the last pass of this hike, the Q’ampa pass (5000 metres/ 16400 feet). We will see several different coloured lakes and lunch beside Q’oma Q’ocha. We hike for several hours before arriving at the small village of Pacchanta. We can soak in the thermal springs for a couple of hours, and even have a well-deserved beer! We will set up camp near Qampa and you will have the afternoon free to explore this interesting Andean village.-(B/L/D)

Day 1.- Cusco – Pacchanta Azulqocha 

We depart from Your Hotel  in our private bus at 05:00 am to the southeast of Cusco. Half an hour later, we stopped in Oropeza to buy their famous bread. Then we continue towards Urcos, our next stop the town of Tinke, we will have our first view of the Apu Ausangate. After a short stop, we continue our journey to Pacchanta (4200 m.a.s.l.), arriving at approximately 8:30 am. Our transport will leave us here where we will have breakfast

We start our walk. This first stage of the trip is very beautiful because we get a frontal view of the Apu Ausangate. We will be able to observe a large number of vizcachas in this area that live in freedom and without fear of humans. These fluffy animals cannot be hunted for their wool or meat, as they are considered daughters of the Apu. We will walk around three hours on average until we reach the Blue Lagoon area, where we will perform a spiritual ceremony, cleaning and offering to Pachamama and Apu Ausangate. This ceremony has several parts and all members of the group participate, including muleteers, cooks and passengers. This crucial ceremony is done so that everything goes smoothly during our trip. After lunch we will rest at our first Azulqocha camp.
After a break we will start with the scouting of the place for the sunset photography and also the night photography, once finished we will have a talk about both types of photography from there we will start with the photography of reflections and landscapes around the lagoon with a rich cup of coffee or coca tea with your salty cookies. We will fully enjoy the golden hour, the blue hour, this first night will give us the idea of ​​what will come the following nights of the magic of the milky way or the Hatun mayo of the Incas.
Based on the photographic composition, the rest time will be agreed at night as well as for the sunrise the next day .(B/L/D)​

Day 2: – Azulqocha -Ninaparayoq.

We will get up very early for the sunrise, which is very spectacular, especially the reflection of the mountain in the blue lagoon.At this beautiful moment, you will be accompanied by a cup of coffee or coca tea and then return to the store to have a good breakfast before start the ascent to Otorongo qocha and the other lagoons because in the upper part we have 6 lagoons with which we will live this day, we will scout the area for the afternoon and at night we have lagoons of many colors in this area perfect for making beautiful compositions for the golden hour as well as the milky way.
It will be a reason to get up very early again to see the sunrise in the morning only for those who wish  .(B/L/D)​

Day 3.- Ninaparayoq- Upis-

 After a tasty breakfast, we will return to Alzulqocha to cross the northern part of the Ausangate snow-capped mountain towards upis. During the journey we will have beautiful views of the Ausangate mountain range before going down to the upis camp.
Once we arrive we will explore around to get ready for the sunset, the milky way at night and the sunrise the next morning. .(B/L/D)​

Day 4.- Upis -Arapa – Puka Qocha.

 After a generous breakfast we will begin the climb towards the arapa pass during the journey we will have opportunities to see many Vizcachas, perhaps some foxes, some Andean geese, hummingbirds, and vicuñas and surely many alpacas and llamas, once we reach the pass we will do our offering to the arapa pass so that it gives us good weather and protects us. From there the next section of the road will be very different, arid and with spectacular colors on the way we will be able to see some lagoons and the reflection of many mountains and peaks in the lagoons. It is in this area where we will have lunch and then continue towards Pucaqocha, the place where we will rest. tonight.
Once we arrive we will scout the area to prepare for the golden hour and the Milky Way as well as the sunrise the next day..(B/L/D)​

Day 5.- Puka Qocha -Huampoqocha.

Once we arrive we will scout the area to prepare for the golden hour and the Milky Way as well as the sunrise the next day.After breakfast we will leave for anantapata during this section of the road we will have the Apu Ausangate in the southern part where you will have the first views of very spectacular colors where you can observe a red and ocher color.
Once we get to the pass, you will be able to observe the magical landscape that we will be able to have a beautiful view of the Andes. From there we will go to Anaptapata where a hot and restorative lunch will await us and then we will begin to climb the Warmisaya pass from where we will be able to see our final objective the mountain of colors, but first we must reach our next huampoqocha camp. We will rest on the side of a lagoon and it will be our last night to photograph the stars and the milky way then we will prepare as it should be both for the sunset, the blue hour and the night, because very early in the morning we will go to the mountain of colors for the sunrise and also to be the first to arrive at the place so that you have enough time to photograph this wonder of nature..(B/L/D)​

Day. -6 Huampoqocha Rainbow Mountain Then Red Valley Cusco.

This morning we will get up very early to reach the rainbow mountain  for the  sunrise so we will only have a cup of coffee to start the hike  to Vinicunca.
Once finished with the photography we will have breakfast, because after lunch we will go to the red valley which is an area of ​​another planet due to its beautiful colors. We will have the final lunch in this area and then return to the city of Cusco. You will arrive in the city of Cusco at approximately 7:00 pm.(B/L/D)​


  • Services of expert guides in high mountain trek.
  • Private transport round trip
  • Accomodation: camping in tent
  • 3 Breakfast 3dinner 3 lunches & snack
  • Waterproof bags
  • First aid kit and oxygen

Not Included:

  • Flights to and from Peru / Cusco, or any kind of transport before or after completion of the program.
  • Tipping staff

We recommended you bring:

This Photographic  Includes:

• Professional Guide Specialized in photography 8 + 2 Guides
• Brefing or information about the trip at your Hotel
• Security protocols when leaving and during the trip
• Transfer Airport Hotel Airport
• Cook
• Kitchen assistant
• Horses for the camping equipment
• 2 Emergency horses
• Duffle bag a bag for the things of each client of us more than 7 kilos
• Pick up from your Hotel
• Private transportation Cusco Pacchanta and Return to Cusco.
• Water to drink during the trip, you should only bring a bottle or canteen
• 6 breakfasts
• 5 dinners
• 6 lunches If you have a special diet, please communicate
• 6 snacks
• Store to serve food
• Seats for each client
• Matras or mats for each client
• Oxygen
• First aid kit
• Entrance fees to the Ausangate Route and the Mountain of Colors
Photographic Workshop That Includes:
• Sleeping bag carry one of 4 stations you can rent from us
• Tips for Team Team
• Some other drink
• Thermal baths of Pacchanta and Upis
• Hiking shoes
• Waterproof clothing and rain poncho
• Very hot polar house
• Gloves and Sun and Cold Caps
• Clothes change for 6 days
• Warm clothes
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen
• Lip stick for the lips
• Toilet paper
• Your personal medicine cabinet

• Photographic camera
• Several batteries for your camera
• Strong tripod
• Remote control or cable release
• Flashlights
• Polarizing filters because during the day the sun is strong
• Extreme battery
• Comfortable backpack
• Warm stockings
• Walking poles.




  • Student Discount: $35 off per personStudent Discounts apply to anyone who has a valid GREEN ISIC card at the time of the trek or is 16 years old or younger. For those using an ISIC card to receive the discount, we do need to see a copy of the card at booking. For those booking children 16 years old or younger, we need a copy of their passport at booking time. Please send all to [email protected]
  • Under 15 years will pay as student: US$35.00
  • Under 7 years Discount: US$50.00

Private Service Prices 2021

  • 1person : US$1550.00 per person
  • 2 people : US$1200.00 per person
  • 3 people: US$1100.00 per person
  • 4 people : US$1000.00 per person
  • 5 people : US$900.00 per person
  • 6+ people : US$800.00 per person
    Optional Machupicchu extention
  • Price Per Person   American dollars.


As you see in our Additional Items under Trip Overview, there are several optional upgrades you can include in this trip. Below is a quick list of prices, but check our Overview section for more details.
Huaynapicchu: $65 per person
Vistadome Train (One Way): $80 per person
Vistadome Train (One Way): $65 per person

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