This is the ideal tour for anyone looking to explore all of the Inca ruins near to Cusco. Your expert guide will explain the purpose of each site, highlighting interesting details as well as teaching you about the ancient Incan beliefs and their impact on their constructions. Not only that, but he will also share his extensive photography knowledge with you to enable you to take the best possible photos of these impressive ruins. You will be encouraged to explore new techniques and perspectives to capture unique images. Other than the ruins, you will have the opportunity to experiment with colour and photography of local people at the market of Pisac. This tour is not only a journey of historically discovery, but also of photographic exploration, enabling you to take home memories and pictures that will last a lifetime.

The Milky Way the road to the sky.

Throughout  the andes  the milky as believed to be a river  mayu in the inca language  the source of all  wáter on earth for the inka  eart and sky are connected  and the river  Mayu  morrors of the  qhapac  ñan  or  the inca Trail both are sacred,alive,and parts of the oe whole.

Many andean cultures seen figures in grouping (constellations ) of stars  the inka astronomers often they found their constellations  in the dark spaces between the stars,know  yana phuyu or interestellar dust ( Dark clouds) in the dark clouds they were able t osee some animals  and other things  from their daily lives .


At 8.00am we will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the start of the tour.

We travel from Cusco past Saqsaywaman over the mountains towards the Sacred Valley. We descend 1500 feet to the valley floor, where we find ourselves by the sacred Urubamba River and the village of Pisac. In Pisac village we stop to visit a traditional market where you can browse and buy some local souvenirs if desired. We will spend around 30 minutes here.

We then drive up to the ruins of Pisac. We will explore the extensive ruins, whilst enjoying stunning views over the valley. You will be given a guided tour of the Citadel of Pisac, in which we see temples, homes, altars, carvings, tunnels, caves and the famous Intihuatana “The hitching post of the sun”. We have around 90 utes to explore the ruins, followed by lunch in the town. After lunch we will drive back toward Cusco .where visitors have the opportunity to visit 6 places. Get ready, then, to dive into the mystical and amazing world of the Incas and be witness to the energy that emerges from these magical places

 Saqsaywaman, then we will know Sacsayhuaman

Sacsayhuaman was built between the 14th and 15th centuries. The work lasted more than five decades, being the work of 20,000 men who came together as a tribute (mita). All its structures were located without the need for them to cease to be part of the place where they stand, integrating deeply and harmoniously the then sacred category of the landscape, obtaining a colossal altar to nature.

The complex itself has important architectural and natural parts, which have their own meanings and stories, such as:

They are called Muyuccmarca, Paucarmarca, Sallaqmarca and are located at the top of the bastions (zigzag walls). In Inca times they were towers arranged in a straight line at the top of the hill, in this place there was abundant water, even today we can still see part of the aqueducts


our group presentations we start at 18:00 in Cusco´s Planetarium.

fFromSaqsaywman we will drive   to the mmeting point  .

 Arrival to Planetarium Cusco Introduction to Inca astronomy in our interpretation rooms

18:00  to18:30

Virtual projection of the southern sky and constellations in the dome

Stargazing with telescopes

(Depending on weather conditions)

19:00 to 19:40

Transfer to your hotel

During winter we have the possibility of programming presentations at 17:00 as well as at 19:00 (like the rest of the year). Our booking system contains information for different alternatives.

utes to explore the ruins, followed by lunch in the town. After lunch we will drive back toward Cusco .




  • Pick-up from your hotel
  • Transport (private bus)
  • Professional Photgrapher English-
  • speaking guide
  • All the entrance fees
  • Lunch

Tour Details:

  • Pisac Market
  • Saqsaywaman
  • Tambomachay
  • Pucapucara
  • Qenqo

Prices 2015

  • 2 people: US$220.00 per person
  • 3 people: US$200.00 per person
  • 4 people: US$180.00 per person
  • 5 people: US$160.00 per person
  • 6 people: US$140.00 per person
  • 7+ people: US$130.00 per person


  • Student Discount:  $35 off per personStudent Discounts apply to anyone who has a valid GREEN ISIC card at the time of the trek or is 16 years old or younger. For those using an ISIC card to receive the discount, we do need to see a copy of the card at booking. For those booking children 16 years old or younger, we need a copy of their passport at booking time. Please send all to
  • Under 15 years will pay as student: US$35.00
  • Under 7 years Discount: US$50.00


As you see in our Additional Items under Trip Overview, there are several optional upgrades you can include in this trip. Below is a quick list of prices, but check our Overview section for more details.
Huaynapicchu: $65 per person
Vistadome Train (One Way): $80 per person
Vistadome Train (One Way): $65 per person

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