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This tour is a perfect way to explore the history and culture of the beautiful Lake Titicaca, all in a fairly short period of time. We will explore pre-Inca ruins, ancient civilisations that live on floating islands and the arts and crafts of lake communities. You will even have the opportunity to spend the night with a local family, which will give you an unrivalled insight into their daily life. This is a truly unique experience, where you will be able to try the local cuisine and ask the people any questions you might have. You will experience first hand the local traditions and customs, such as bartering, all in a spectacular setting.
During this journey of discovery, your professional guide, Flavio, will also help you to explore new photography techniques and perspectives in order to take stunning photos of the landscapes, flora, fauna, sunrises and sunsets. You will have time to experiment with macro photography, and during your overnight stay on Amantani island you will even be able to try lightpainting and night photography. The variety of the environments you will explore will give you the perfect chance to create a wide collection of wonderful photos, as well as the beautiful memories that go with them.

Day 1: Sillustani Funeral Towers

The tour begins in the afternoon at around 2:00pm. The Sillustani Chullpas (pre-Incan funeral towers) are situated on an Aymara peninsula of Lake Titicaca about 32 km from Puno. The setting is dramatic and beautiful. Most of the towers date from the period of Inca occupation in the 15th century, but the engineering involved in their construction is more complex than anything the Incas built. The towers were Aymara tombs where they kept the human remains of the nobles, called “the Mallkus”. Once we have finished the tour you will be transfered back to your hotel.

Day 2: Uros Islands & Amantani Island (Overnight)

Our trip to Lake Titicaca begins with a pickup from your hotel in Puno to go to the port where we board the boat that takes us to the amazing floating islands of the Uros.
It is said that Uros have inhabited these islands for hundreds of years; the Uros people know how to remove the abundant existing cane reed and put it together in large quantities to form small islands and platforms. Their constructions are so skilled that they have held up against the waether and these ancient inhabitants still live on these artificial islands of reeds. Known as the Water Tribe, they have to maintain their own islands, adding new layers of reeds or “Totora”. Their homes and boats are also made from this material.
During our trip we will visit native families, schoolhouses, souvenir shops and can even ride in one of the little reed boats. Then we will continue in our boat to the island of Amantani, located at an altitude of 3817m. Upon arrival at the island we will have the chance to try a typical local lunch, then we will go on to the famous pre-Inca temples Pachamama and Pachatata; these temples are dedicated to the fertility of the land and ceremonial rituals take place there.
This island is inhabited by Quechua-speaking natives still ruled by their ancient traditions, whose main business is the production of ceramics and textiles. The positive energy of this island is so powerful that it is known as the “Island of Love.”
Here we enjoy a magnificent panoramic view in the evening. Once our visit is over we will spend the night in a local family’s home. Dinner and overnight on Amantaní (shared bathrooms, no hot water). (L / D)

Day 3: Amantani & Taquile Island

After breakfast we will descend to the port of Amantaní to take our boat and head to Taquile Island. This island is inhabited by Quechua-speaking natives who have developed an efficient work-in community and every family helps each other. They also still use a system of bartering, carried down through generations (known as the barter exchange of goods), but their main economic activity is agriculture. Other than this, they are expert weavers and artisans and local residents themselves have been directly involved in improving tourism on the island without losing their ancestral customs. After our visit we will have the typical lunch of fresh fish (trout) and in the afternoon we will go to the port for our boat to take us back to Puno. (B / L)

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    Prices 2017

    • 1 person : US$950.00 per person
    • 2 people : US$820.00 per person
    • 3 people: US$770.00 per person
    • 4 people : US$730.00 per person
    • 5 people : US$690.00 per person
    • 6 people : US$650.00 per person
    • 7+ people : US$610.00 per person


    STUDENT DISCOUNT: $35 off per personStudent Discounts apply to anyone who has a valid GREEN ISIC card at the time of the trek or is 16 years old or younger. For those using an ISIC card to receive the discount, we do need to see a copy of the card at booking. For those booking children 16 years old or younger, we need a copy of their passport at booking time. Please send all to [email protected]
    Under 15 years will pay as student: US$35.00
    Under 7 years Discount: US$50.00


    As you see in our Additional Items under Trip Overview, there are several optional upgrades you can include in this trip. Below is a quick list of prices, but check our Overview section for more details.
    Huaynapicchu: $65 per person
    Vistadome Train (One Way): $80 per person
    Vistadome Train (One Way): $65 per person

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    Photo Tours Peru is for the experienced photographer and beginners alike in that we offer real, authentic experiences that allow you to discover the beautiful environment and the local people.

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