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The Salkantay Trek  it is  the perfect hike for astrophotography, landscape, Sunset,Sunrise,it is the best  hike in south America and an alternative to the traditional Inca Trail for reaching Machu Picchu. It presents a unique combination of culture and mistic, with preserved proudly by the Peruvian people, and is an amazing adventure and extraordinary natural beauty. Salkantay trekking is set at the highest peaks of Humantay Mountain, where the cold ice of the mountains meets the steamy heat of the Andes. The hike is surrounded by the historic Machu Picchu (National Park and is considered one of the 25 best hikes in the world). Salkantay trek is very diverse and rich geography hike, Andean culture and history. The Vilcanota Mountain range contains two twenty highest mountains in the Americas.

The Milky Way the road to the sky.

Throughout  the andes  the milky as believed to be a river  mayu in the inca language  the source of all  wáter on earth for the inka  eart and sky are connected  and the river  Mayu  morrors of the  qhapac  ñan  or  the inca Trail both are sacred,alive,and parts of the oe whole.

Many andean cultures seen figures in grouping (constellations ) of stars  the inka astronomers often they found their constellations  in the dark spaces between the stars,know  yana phuyu or interestellar dust ( Dark clouds) in the dark clouds they were able t osee some animals  and other things  from their daily lives .

Micheq  Or Shepperd.

Many say the shepper is a woman, since the andean communities  wome own the llama flocks  while the men take care  of them this shepper stends her arms  towards the llamas and her legs are closet to the  paws of the fox this example it is posible t osee it at choquequirao inca site.

Atoq/ Fox

The fo xis found at t the  feet of   the llama as if the were chasing her.look closely. The celestial llama seems to be kicking  the fox. The sun passes through  this constellations in december the tme the baby foxes are born.

Llamacñawin with Unallamacha | Eye of the llama with baby llama Orquchillay and Katachillay

This was the most important constellation to the Inka. The bright stars Alpha and Beta Centauri serve as the llama’s eyes, easily spotted when the constellation rises in November. The constellation consists of two llamas, mother and baby, with the baby below the mother, nursing.

Yutu | Tinamou

The tinamou is a partridge-like bird. In the Inka sky, this kite-shaped constellation seems to pursue the constellation of the toad. (Tinamous eat small frogs and lizards.) It appears in the sky in October and stays until July, its disappearance marking the end of the potato harvest.

Hanp’atu | Toad

The toad was a very important animal for the Inka. They believed that the more toads croaked, the more likely it was that rain would soon begin. The appearance of the toad in the sky meant that it was time to plant. That is the reason why mosto f the pre cultures they just display to the todas, in mosto f the places you Will find Stone carvind toads

Mach’acuay | Serpent


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