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Photo Tours Peru

About us

Photo Tours Peru is a premier adventure company launched by Flavio Huamani, an accomplished Peruvian travel photographer guide. Flavio has been guiding custom-made itineraries, including photography tours, adventure travel, ecotourism, bird watching, and “off the beaten track” tours for more than 12 years.
Photo Tours Peru is for the traveling photographer and non-photographer alike in that we offer real, authentic experiences that benefit the environment and the local people. We offer and practice responsible tourism, which benefits and treats the local communities fairly, minimizing any negative social or environmental impact, while at the same time helps improve the locals’ health, education, and preservation of fragile cultures and ecosystems.


Our mission is to act as a conduit into the little-known aspects and insights in the region, enabling you to draw on our wealth of experience to formulate a balanced itinerary. We do this by providing a detailed, in-depth advice during the planning stages as well as high quality, attentive support during your travels. We will assist you in choosing your destinations and accommodations, based on our continuing revisions of the local services.


Our recommendations always lay on locally inspired and/or owned establishments, offering the best value for money while never compromising comfort. We provide detailed and well-researched background information on the destinations to be visited as well as the most up-to-date local information to ensure your trip runs smoothly. On the ground, we are fully dedicated to cover every logistical aspect of the trip so everything works out. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to solve any inconvenience that may arise during your travels, or should you wish to change your plans.


We create personalized programs for groups with special interests. Additional nights, extension of days and reservation of flights, vegetarian meals or speacial requirements (no extra charge) all available on request. All tours can be provided as a private service

Enjoy watching each of this photos like i did before i took it!!!

Flavio Huamani, Photo Tours Peru

Photo Tours Peru is for the experienced photographer and beginners alike in that we offer real, authentic experiences that allow you to discover the beautiful environment and the local people.

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Tel: (+51) 84 275973 | Mobile Flavio: (+51) 84 940 188 346

Adress: Urbanizacion Flor de la Cantuta B -2 San Sebastian Cusco Peru

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