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Our mission is to combine the art of photography with the exploration of Peru’s rich cultural heritage and breathtaking natural wonders. We aim to create unforgettable experiences for our guests, capturing the essence of Peru through the lens and fostering a deep appreciation for its beauty.

Photography Experts: Photo Tours Peru is proud to have a team of experienced and knowledgeable photography professionals who are passionate about their craft. Our guides and instructors are skilled photographers themselves, offering expert guidance and instruction to participants, regardless of their level of expertise.

Learn how to capture the full grandeur of the night sky and incorporate foreground with both natural and carefully planned low-level lighting. Most of the areas visited on our night photography tours are rated Moderate for physical intensity.

Photo Lares Inca Trail Machupicchu 6d/5n

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https://phototoursperu.com/ is owned by Peruvian photographer Guide FlavioHuamani. Flavio has been guiding custom-made itineraries, including photography tours, adventure travel, ecotourism, bird watching, and “off the beaten track” tours for more than 18 years.

Photo Tours Peru is for the traveling photographer and non-photographer alike in that we offer real, authentic experiences.

The Andes is the perfect place with its altitude, crisp, clear air, low humidity and cool nights provide excellent conditions for Night Sky Photography. With a choice of moon lit nights illuminating the landscapes or capturing the Milky Way and numerous star trails during the dark moonless evenings, our local photographer guide will show you the best locations, as well as the proper camera settings for capturing those magical images. One of our most popular Bend Photo Tours..

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My passion for the night sky and as a consequence of that I want to share the experience with you. Even now, as an experienced night landscape shooter, I often ponder the spine tingling and awe-inspiring feeling of simply standing under a starry sky and marveling at the sheer majesty of it all. Sometimes I stand for ages taking in the scene, almost unaware of anything else around me. Well, I desire to share that experience with you. I get great joy from seeing the delight in peoples faces when they first see a nightscape image appear on the rear LCD screen of their camera, an image they never thought they were capable of capturing … but they can, and they do, we have the iconic places for that.

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Photography tours in Peru are popular due to the country’s diverse and stunning landscapes, rich culture, and historical sites such as Machu Picchu. These tours are often led by professional photographers or experienced guides who know the best locations for capturing unique shots and can provide valuable tips on composition, lighting, and camera settings.

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Machu Picchu: This ancient Incan citadel is perched high in the Andes Mountains and offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and peaks. The iconic Inca ruins, terraces, and the Huayna Picchu mountain in the background create a surreal and captivating scene for photography. In addition to Machu Picchu, there are several other incredible photography spots worth exploring: Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca): Located in the Peruvian Andes, Rainbow Mountain boasts a colorful display of natural striations caused by mineral deposits in the rock layers. The vibrant hues of red, pink, yellow, and green create a visually striking landscape, perfect for photography. Salkantay Trek: If you’re up for a multi-day adventure, the Salkantay Trek is a fantastic option. It takes you through diverse landscapes, including snow-capped mountains, cloud forests, and turquoise lakes, all of which make for fantastic photography subjects.

Huayhuash landscape Stargazing Trek 11/10

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Contact Us: If you have specific questions or need additional information, don’t hesitate to contact the tour operators directly. They can clarify any doubts you may have. Book Online: Once you’ve chosen the tour that suits your preferences, book it online through the platform or the tour operator’s website. Many platforms offer secure payment options. Confirmation: After booking, you should receive a confirmation email with all the relevant details of your tour. Save this confirmation for your records. Prepare for the Tour: Before you travel to Peru, ensure you have all the necessary documents, such as your passport and any required visas. Also, check if there are any specific items you need to bring for the tour. Remember to book your tours in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, as popular tours can fill up quickly. By following these steps, you should be able to quickly and efficiently book tours for your visit to Peru.

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As photography birdwatching specialists, you likely combine the art of photography with the thrill of birdwatching to capture stunning images of birds in their natural habitats. Birdwatching is a wonderful hobby that allows people to connect with nature, observe diverse bird species, and appreciate their unique behaviors. As specialists in this field, you might be experts at identifying various bird species, understanding their migratory patterns, and knowing the best locations and times to spot them. Your photography skills would come in handy to capture the beauty and intricacies of these avian creatures, preserving their moments for others to admire and learn from. Birdwatching photography also plays a crucial role in conservation efforts, as it raises awareness about the importance of protecting these beautiful creatures and their habitats. Through your work, you can inspire others to appreciate and conserve the natural world. If you have any questions or need assistance related to photography, birdwatching, or any other topic, feel free to ask!



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