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On the Sacred Valley birdwatching Machupicchu 3d/2n the landscape astrophotography birdwatching to the Sacred Valley from Cusco, we travel to Peru’s historic Urubamba Valley (the Sacred Valley). Located between Cusco and Machu Picchu, Urubamba Valley is known for its lush scenery, picturesque colonial towns and a magnificent Inca fortress. You will have the opportunity to hone your photography skills in each of these unique environments, experimenting with new techniques and viewpoints to achieve beautiful results. Flavio will guide you in your photographic journey, helping you explore macro, landscape, flora & fauna photography. You will be able to experience the local culture in each of these unique villages, capturing each moment on camera. At the end of the tour, we hope to leave you with a wonderful collection of images that will enable you to look back on your fantastic experience in the years to come

Tour Plan

Arrival Airport: Cusco– Transfer time to hotel 30min Departure Airport:Cusco – Transfer time to hotel 30min Our adventure begins in the afternoon on the first day and ends at noon on the last day. Travel Visa: Not required .


Price:Based Per person:2024

1 person: US$1190.00 per person
2 people: US$1090.00 per person
3 people: US$1000.00 per person
4 people: US$950.00 per person
5 people: US$900.00 per person
6 people: US$850.00 per person
7+ people: US$800.00 per person

After pickup from your hotel, your first stop is in the Andean village of Chinchero. Here, you’ll take in mountain views, visit the main square and see an ancient church with unique floral and religious interior designs. Next, off the beaten path to the small town of Maras. This village is known as a former salt-producing center that dates back all the way to colonial time, moray boasts three amphitheater-like terraces made by the Incas. These terraces, which are carved deep into the earth in a bowl shape, were thought to be used to determine the optimal conditions for growing crops. After visiting Moray, we take a lunch break at Tunupa restaurant.

Once full of delicious food, you’ll be ready for the next part of the day trip; we continue on the tour to Ollantaytambo, home to a magnificent Inca fortress that you can explore. This historic fortress was where Spanish conquistadors lost a major battle against the Inca Empire. After you visit the fortress, you’ll have time to walk around the cobblestone streets of Ollantaytambo before heading back to Cusco.

Our birding tour starts at 06:30 am from your hotel in Cusco City and transfer to the Ensifera Camp – Hummingbird Garden. This place is located in the town of Yanahuara in the middle of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

When we arrive to Ensifera Camp we’ll go to the birds hide to start with our activity.

Hummingbirds or colibris are the smallest birds in the world and are native to the America, their long slender needle bills are adapted for reaching deep into tubular flowers to extract nectar.

Our expert bird guide will explain about the history of this place as well as the characteristics and curiosities of this small birds, and with him you will learn how to identify them. At 11:00 am we will return to Ollantaytambo town in order to take the train to Aguas calientes

If you are a Hummingbird Lover, we can start our tour a little earlier without extra cost just in order to enjoy more of this Peruvian Hummingbirds. Also, you can ask for our other Peruvian Hummingbird birdwatching Tours as well as our specialized Cusco hummingbird Tour.

Hummingbirds of the Sacred Valley:

Sparkling Violetear, Lesser Violetear, Black-tailed Trainbearer, Green-tailed Trainbearer, Bearded Mountaineer, Tyrian Metaltail, Scaled Metaltail, Shining Sunbeam, White-tufted Sunbeam (E), Violet-throated Starfrontlet, Sword-billed Hummingbird, Great Sapphirewing, Giant Hummingbird, White-bellied Woodstar, White-bellied Hummingbird, Green-and-white Humming (E). The we will drive to ollantaytambo in order to take the train to Aguas calientes.

Once at aguas calientes we will take to bus up to Machupicchu as a way to be there for the sunset.

Today we will make an early start to give us plenty of time to visit this lost city, which was rediscovered in 1911. Located at the top of a steep, forested hill overlooking the Urubamba River, Machu Picchu was hidden by dense vegetation for centuries until the American explorer Hiram Bingham began to clear the site.
Today the city has been completely restored and for visitors from all over the world it is an unforgettable sight.
Our guided tour includes a visit to the temples, plazas, palaces, watercourses and residential areas of Machu Picchu and you will also have time to explore the ruins independently. Our BIRDWATCHING | Photo Expedition ends.

Places You’ll See

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What's Included

Optional Extras​

Group Size

1 – 8 Guests

Experience | Difficulty

  • Beginner, amateur, enthusiast and semi-pro photographers
  • DSLR, mirrorless, compact or iPhone cameras
  • Moderate schedule
  • Travel by car or minibus
  • Moderate elevation changes and lots of walking and hiking (none of our adventures have difficult hikes)
  • (non-photographers also welcome)

Weather | Sun

May – Temps 70/40 F 20/2 C Sunrise 5:24 | Sunset 7:23 (19:23)
September – Temps 75/42 F 24/5 C Sunrise 6:10 | Sunset 6:35 (18:35)


  • 3days 2 nights
  • Travel, landscape, nature, wildlife and people photography
  • Professional photographer | guide
  • Photo walks & discussions
  • Small group size (4-6 guests)
  • 2 nights hotel
  • 1 sacred valley of the incas
  • Breakfasts
  • All Meals
  • National Park Permits
  • Local transportation

Travel Information

Arrival Airport: Cusco– Transfer time to hotel 30min
Departure Airport:Cusco – Transfer time to hotel 30min
Our adventure begins in the afternoon on the first day and ends at noon on the last day.
Travel Visa: Not required .



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Sacred Valley birding Machupicchu 3d/2n

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