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Huayhuash Photography Trek Via Viconga Hot Springs 9D/8N Our photography Huayhuash trek will mainly focus on hiking and capturing the most iconic landscapes in the Cordillera Blanca & Huayhuash, the world’s highest tropical mountain ranges. This time of year is perfect for hiking, as it coincides with the dry season, and ideal for astro, as it’s the peak of Milky Way season in the Southern Hemisphere, with 10+ hours of Milky Way visibility at night. Over 9 days, we will hike and photograph some of the most spectacular mountains, valleys, and “lagunas” in the Andes. In the Cordillera Blanca, we will visit the turquoise lakes Once we are in Huayhuash, we’ll camp and hike every day, with vistas of 20,000+ foot towering, glaciated peaks, like the famous Yerupajá and Siula Grande, beautiful lagoons, such as Mitucocha and Carhuacocha, and breathtaking passes, like Trapecio and San Antonio. At night, we will photograph our Milky Way arching over some otherworldly landscapes. Being at a high altitude and far away from sources of light pollution, you’ll see our galaxy like you’ve never seen it before and feel like you could literally touch the stars. If the Lord of the Rings wasn’t filmed in New Zealand (which it rightly deserves), it could have been filmed here. Every day on the trek is another example of nature’s power to create beauty with a rugged exterior and alluring features. The peaks are tall, they are steep, they are covered with a layer of frosting made of hanging glaciers and the alpine lakes at their feet are a rainbow of complimentary puddles of color. Just amazing.make sure to book this trek from april to september dueing nights with not moon
Huayhuash Photography Trek Via Viconga Hot Springs

Tour Plan

Arrival Airport:Cusco– Transfer time to hotel 30min Departure Airport:Cusco – Transfer time to hotel 30min Our adventure begins in the morning on the first day and ends at and of  the last day. Travel Visa: Note required 


Pricing per person:2023

1 pax: 2.950,00 USD
2 pax: 2250,00 USD
3 pax: 2150,00 USD
4 pax: 2050,00 USD
5 pax: 1950,00 USD
6 pax: 1850,00 USD
7 pax: 1750,00 USD
8 pax: 1650,00 USD
9 pax: 1550,00 USD
10 pax:1450.00 USD

Early in the mor ning we will leave towards Queropalca, in the limits of the Cordillera Huayhuash. Along the way we will make a stop to visit the beautiful Inca archaeological site of Huánuco Pampa, also known as Wanukopampa or Vieja Huánuco. As the transport is private, we can stop for photographs whenever the group wishes.

(Unevenness: + 700 m.s.n.m; Transportation duration: 7 – 8 hours Approx).

After breakfast, we will begin the 3-hour journey to carhuacocha lake At this point, we will appreciate a partial view of the Nevados Yerupajá, Siula Grande and El Toro from the trail . After resting and taking photos, after 3 hours hike we will arrive to Laguna Carhuacocha, where we enjoy the end of the afternoon with a splendid panorama. The camp is a few steps from the lagoon

Today we will have another night by this amazing lake.

It will be the hardest day of the journey, but those who are willing can wake up earlier to admire the sunrise before breakfast (the view will certainly be worth this small sacrifice). After a good breakfast, we will continue to the highest point of our entire stay in Peru, the Siula Pass (4,850 meters above sea level). On the way we will see the Qanrajancacocha, Siulacocha and Quesillococha Lagoons that form an otherworldly scenario, each one with a different hue. It is about 4 hours of ascent and 3 hours of descent, at which point we will see the Nevados Carnicero (5,950 masl), Jurao (5,600) and Trapezio (5,650 masl).

(Unevenness: + 700 m.s.n.m; trek duration: 6 – 7 hours Approx).

We leave very early and we will go to carry out the fourth pass of Portachuelo (4750). You can see the snow-capped mountains of Puscanturpa, Cuyoc, Millpo, and part of the Cordillera Raura. Arrival at our camp in Viconga (4300). Afternoon to take advantage of a bath in the hot springs of Atuscancha (4000).

(Unevenness: + 650 m.s.n.m; trek duration: 5 – 6 hours Approx).

The fifth pass of Cuyoc (5000) is passed. The highest of the entire circuit. We will ascend to the San Antonio viewpoint where we will have a beautiful view of the Cordillera Huayhuash, Descent to the camp – Pampa Elefante (3900).

(Unevenness: + 593 m; trek duration: 6 -7 hours Approx).

Leaving the camp to later be descending along the Guanacpatay valley, until we reach the town of Huayllapa, which we will pass until we reach the Huatiaj camp.

(Unevenness: + 400 m.s.n.m; trek duration: 5 – 6 hours Approx).

We leave camp and we will be making 2 steps, Tapush (4800), Yaucha (4800) to be arriving at Laguna Jahuacocha where we will have a panoramic view of part of the Cordillera Huayhuash, including Yerupaja, Hirishanca, Carnicero, Siula, trapeze etc. Jahuacocha camp (4100).

(Unevenness: + 900 m.s.n.m; trek duration: 5 – 6 hours Approx).

The last pass of Pampa de Llamac (4300) is passed. We will observe part of the snow-capped mountains of the Cordillera Huayhuash for the last time, and then we will go to Chiquián (3400) we will travel along the same path by which we began our trip. Transfer from Chiquián to Huaraz end of our services.

(Unevenness: + 234 m.s.n.m; trek duration: 5 – 6 hours Approx).

Places You’ll See

Huayhuash Photography Trek Via Viconga 9d/8n

What's Included

Optional Extras​

Group Size

1 – 8 Guests

Experience | Difficulty

  • Beginner, amateur, enthusiast and semi-pro photographers
  • DSLR, mirrorless, compact or iPhone cameras
  • Very difficult hike
  • Travel by car or minibus
  • Moderate elevation changes and lots of walking and hiking (none of our adventures have difficult hikes)
  • (non-photographers also welcome)


  • 9 Days
  • Travel, landscape, nature, wildlife and people photography
  • Professional photographer | guide
  • Photo walks & discussions
  • Small group size (1-8 guests)
  • 3 or 4-star hotels
  • Breakfasts
  • All Meals
  • National Park Permits
  • Local transportation

Travel Information

Arrival Airport:Cusco– Transfer time to hotel 30min
Departure Airport:Cusco – Transfer time to hotel 30min
Our adventure begins in the morning on the first day and ends at and of  the last day.
Travel Visa: Note required



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Huayhuash Photography Trek Via Viconga 9/8

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Destination: Huayhuash Photography Trek Via Viconga Hot Springs
Duration: 9D/8N days
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